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Michael Berardesco opened his architectural rendering studio in 1972. Working in ink line, watercolor and airbrush, he quickly established a reputation for absolute dependability in the creation of top quality renderings that accurately depicted his clients designs. In 1986, he began experimenting with computer generated 3D images and soon offered digital renderings services to his clients. Within six months, his studio was fully digital.

From the beginning, his goal was to provide a totally reliable source that design professionals could rely on for architectural visualization services. That remains the primary focus today.

We offer personalized, one on one service, working directly with our clients to insure that their design concepts are presented in the most effective and accurate way possible. All of our work is produced in our studio and, from start to finish, you will always be speaking directly to the artist working on your project.

Michael Berardesco is “hands on” at every step of the visualization process, from aerial and eye level site photography, digital 3D modeling, rendering, image creation and the production of display prints, so you can be confident that the delivered work will always meet your highest standards.

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